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If the product is found to be defective in workmanship or one or more parts of the product are defective, the retailer of the product will replace or repair, at its sole option, the defective part or parts or the product, according to the case, all free of charge and subject to the following cumulative conditions:

1) the buyer must contact the retailer from whom he made his purchase;
2) the buyer must return the defective part(s) or the product to the retailer;
3) the buyer must give the retailer the invoice as proof of his purchase and of the date of this purchase;
4) Buyer must provide product identification information, including serial number or model number; and
5) the period covered by this Limited Warranty must not have expired (refer to the warranty section of the site to validate warranty times per product).

If the retailer elects to replace the defective part(s), the replacement part(s) will be new or refurbished equivalent to new.

Please complete the return request PDF document and attach it to the product to be returned.

RMA PDF file